Thales / 4LM
A whiteboard animation urging the different departments involved in Thales' 4LM signalling project to work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

I was given a selection of notes and images from a two day director's meeting which I then knocked into a rough structure. This was passed back and forth while a script was written for the voiceover. Once that and my final set of storyboards were approved I then created the final illustrations before handing them over for animation.
The project's destination – the ideal outcome
The current state of things – not good!
Illustrating the highs and lows of past projects
Showing the duration of the project and it's goals in relation to life and world events
Goals as destinations on a tube map
The different departments involved…
...united in a Thales "T"
London Underground employees and customers…
...joined together in the London Underground logo
Together everyone can work together as 1 team!
Everything will then run smoothly…
...with Thales winning awards and global recognition
The final shot – everyone united and proud
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