O2 / Telefónica
I was brought in by the good people at Imparta to help with the overall look and feel for two O2/Telefonica staff induction videos. We didn't have much time so quickly decided on a simple cut-out style. I then designed a whole range of characters and elements that could be easily animated.
O2 buildings and offices for the opening scene. We start on the welcome mat and pull out to first show the main building then reveal the full  global family"
Happy Telefonica employees from around the world
More employees
Super nervous guy starting work at O2 HQ in Slough
O2 Man who swoops in taking away those new job fears
Classroom workshop
O2 shop leader and team
Interacting with customers on the shop floor
More customer interaction
The closing shot showing you and your team leader with a super hero guy making O2 amazing
O2 Induction
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