The following are commissions from Serious - a live music and events producer.
Evelyn & The Yellow Birds
Evelyn & The Yellow Birds is the story of a Jamaican women's adjustment to living in London in the 1950s where the discovery of a Caribbean market gives her a glimpse of home and hope in this new land. The show is for 7-11 year olds and is told and sung by Evelyn's granddaughter Cherise Adams-Burnett.
Catapluf's Musical Journey is a fun live show for children performed by Adriano Adewale. I was asked to create a fun eye catching character based on Adriano that could be used to promote the show. I then created a poster template incorporating colours and instruments from the show.
Within The Waves
Promotional illustration for Brazilian musician Adriano Adewale's large scale vocal work, Within The Waves which premiered as part of the 2015 EFG London Jazz Festival.

The show draws from both English and Brazilian seafaring traditions as well as modern topics affecting the seas – migration, globalization, pollution etc. To illustrate these concepts I used a graphic, semi-woodcut style taking abstracted waves (both water and sound) as a basis, then incorporated a Windrush style clipper, a container ship, some fish and Yemanjá, the goddess of the sea, a large figure in Brazilian seafaring tradition. I chose a dark blue colour scheme for these central elements, entwining them together as if they were part of the murky depths, whilst using the two countries' flags as a brighter border. All of it was created with vectors to allow for future adaption and scaling.
An illustration accompanying a tender for a Kew Gardens audio experience. This mum and her daughter are not only looking at the vanilla plant they are also listening to some awesome vanilla based words and music.
Rugby World Cup Fanzone
Visualisation for how the 2015 Rugby World Cup "fanzone" in Richmond Park may look.
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