Global Over Development Inc.
Global Overdevelopment Inc. or G.O.D. is a fact based satirical book by Crawford Hollingworth which looks at how our world is really run. It takes the form of an annual report detailing how the world is being kept fat, divided, filthy, homogenised, cramped, perverse and monitored: the paradox of progress.

The book uses typography, photography and my illustrations to bring the author's vision of these worlds to life. For more info check out these overviews at The Independent and The Ecologist and look at some preview pages on Amazon.
G.O.D. Inc. / The Boardroom
The Chairman and seven CEOs who deliver the annual report.
L-R: Global Explotation, Big Fat World, Divide & Rule, The Chariman, Sleazy World, Big Brother, Urban Crush.
G.O.D. Inc. / The Worlds
Illustrations representing some of the statistics and ideas that make up the worlds of the seven G.O.D. Inc. CEOs.
The obese population in The West is now greater than the overweight
The Seven Ages Of Obesity
Junk food coffin
Selling The Lifestyle
Sweet shop... OF DRUGS!
Trash Planet
The Seven Ages Of Waste – the rubbish we are responsible for during our lifetimes
Dirty River
The gift to future generations
Plastic seas
Target Located
Data capture
Tube Crush – overcrowding and jostling on the underground
Traffic jam, roadworks & decaying highways
Overcrowding in urban areas
G.O.D. Inc. / The Family
The Family occupy a future we have created for them, oblivious and happy to the ruined world in which they live.

The characters needed to represent four generations, each more obese than the last. They appear in comic panels within each of the 7 CEOs' worlds so I wanted them to be memorable like a syndicated strip and recognisable from their outlines.
L-R: great-grandfather, great-grandmother, teen son, aunt, father, mother, infant son, teen daughter, grandmother and grandfather.
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