EFG London Jazz Festival
I was very honoured to be asked to produce the main illustration for the 2018 EFG London Jazz Festival
The image needed to be bright and exciting, feel fresh and represent the electricity that bubbles throughout the city when the festival is on. Making a cityscape the starting point I set about conveying the complexity, free thinking and energy of the live music by showing it as the literal underground. Placing ten simple musicians – one for each day of the festival – amongst the strong linework that I love, a variety of bold shapes, patterns and blocks of colour (shout out to Leger) I've hopefully created an illustration that captures the spirit of the festival.
The main illustration used for the festival guide.
Landscape adaptation for the 12-sheet tube poster.
6-sheet tube poster and roller banner variations
As I'm also the designer responsible for all the printed materials (more of that here) I knew the illustration needed to be adaptable for a variety of different print and online needs, working in both portrait and landscape. It also needed to be part of the guide, having the musicians, colours, lines and patterns running through each page allowing the illustration to expand from the front page and become entwined with the listings.
The listings cover and examples of the illustrative elements running through the festival guide.
Almost all of the shapes and patterns appear in groups of 7 or 12 representing the notes in a key or notes in an octave.
EFG London Jazz Festival 2018
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