Dylan Thomas In Fitzrovia
Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia is a charity and festival set up to celebrate Dylan Thomas and his connection to that area of London. I was brought in to create a variety of designs as and when using and expanding on the existing map, ink and beer stain branding.

Below is the poster I created for the festival's gala event featuring a host of actors and performers. Using the inky motif I worked over a photo of Thomas using custom brushes, photoshopped the headshots so that they matched and combined it with all the festival branding, fonts etc. This was then reworked into a full page ad for Metro.
The Under Milk Wood performance was a highlight of the festival and required it's own poster design. I used the same inky technique from the Gala poster and combined it with the Owen Teale headshot and some relevant public use imagery. Again this was reworked into a full page Metro ad.
A 16 page brochure and event guide detailing the festival and the many happenings around Fitzrovia over the week was also required. This was produced to an exceedingly short deadline (I think I had a day in total!) and included the creation, from scratch, of a festival map as well as a lot of typesetting and image compositing.

View the full brochure here
And finally a selection of some of the other pieces of design created for the festival:
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